Amorosa Inn and Gardens, at the center of 25-acres we purchased for a vineyard and winery site, grew out of a desire to couple quality wine with a relaxing, cozy bed-and-breakfast experience. The inn originated as a custom-built four-bedroom, 3,500-square-foot home. We saw the potential to create an elegant, yet homey destination for people visiting Lodi wine country -- or just looking for a peaceful haven.

"I really want to give guests a sense of how wonderful living in Lodi is…Everything that's happening in Lodi is making Lodi sparkle, and I hope to add to that sparkle." Renae Matson

Mike & Renae have worked together in various businesses for 30 years and farm over 400 acres of grapes. Their winery, Vino Con Brio, opened in December of 2002, followed by Amorosa Inn during the spring of 2003. Long time residents of Lodi, they have been married 36 years and have 3 adult children.

"Mike and I have reared three children -- now we're raising businesses," laughs Renae.

Vibrant with flavor and complex character, our wines continue Lodi's long tradition of superior viticulture and quality wine crafting.

"We want to make Vino Con Brio the first stop people make when they come to Lodi…"